Administrative-territorial structure of Macedonia (1879 – 1912) - Списание "Македонски преглед"

сряда, 17 юни 2020 г.

Administrative-territorial structure of Macedonia (1879 – 1912)

The study examines the administrative and territorial structure of Macedonia during the period of the late Ottoman Empire (1879–1912), with an emphasis on the twentieth century, in harmony with modern historiography. 

The article is based on official state documents – the Vilayet Salname (yearbooks), the State Salname (Devlet Salname), the State Statistical Yearbook and other official statistics. The development of the structure of Thessaloniki, Bitola (Monastery) and Skopje (Kosovo) vilayets at all administrative-territorial levels (sanjak, kaza, nahi) is studied. Particular attention is paid to the discrepancy between the territory of the historical and geographical area of Macedonia and that of the three vilayets.

 The administrative-territorial reforms undertaken by the Ottoman authorities as well as the planned transformation projects are examined. In this sense, the article also highlights the main trends in the state policy and the effect of the reforms for the Bulgarian population in Macedonia. The article also draws attention to the coverage of the area, the number of settlements and the population density in the administrative-territorial units. 

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