Professor Lyubomir Miletich and the Building of the Macedonian House in Sofia - Списание "Македонски преглед"

сряда, 22 август 2018 г.

Professor Lyubomir Miletich and the Building of the Macedonian House in Sofia

The building of a home is an essential part of the life of every Bulgarian. For the members of the Macedonian refugee organizations of that time, growing in number especially after the wars, the lack of place for gatherings, discussions and celebrations was felt even more deeply. 

After having left their birthplaces, they were looking for a roof above their heads where they could once again find shelter. The Macedonian Scientific Institute increased its activity after Prof. Miletcih came in charge in 1930. This year is significant with the fact that together with the arrival of the new President of MSI, started the construction of the Macedonian House. The problems with which the new governance of the Institute had to cope were numerous. The main trouble was the time pressure on the construction of the House under the risk that the building permit would be lost, if the plot was not developed within three years’ time. It was Miletich’ merit to persuade the Capital Municipality to donate a municipal plot of land in the center of Sofia to MSI. The Deed of donation to the Institute, signed by its President, was dated 21 October 1935.  

The Macedonian House of Culture was consecrated on 23 Januray 1938. Its President did not live to see the end of a deed so grand for its time. He had invested his energy and faith in a House – “a symbol of the strong Bulgarian national awareness and strong Bulgarian spirit, of persistence and strong will, of unconditional love for native Macedonia, of relentless struggle for its freedom, of supreme all-Bulgarian patriotism”. Despite the fact that this House was “erected under rather difficult conditions and circumstances from 1930 until 1937.  

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