The First President of the MSI Professor Ivan Georgov – Beyond Oblivion - Списание "Македонски преглед"

сряда, 22 август 2018 г.

The First President of the MSI Professor Ivan Georgov – Beyond Oblivion

Ivan Georgov (1862–1936) was a university lecturer, an academic, and a public figure. He had considerable contributions to the development of the Bulgarian pedagogic science and to the research on the problems of children’s speech, and history of philosophy. 

He was four times Rector of Sofia Univeristy and an active member of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. At the same time, he was a dedicated public figure and a co-instigator for the establishment of a number of public organizations. A major part of his public activity is occupied by the elucidation of the Macedonian Issue to foreign public opinion. He participated in clarification missions to a number of European countries; he authored memorandums concerning the Macedonian Issue after the First World War.  Several of his papers, published in French and German, were dedicated to the Macedonian Issue. He maintained dynamic contacts with foreign public figures and academics.

 He was one of the experts to formulate the Bulgarian position regarding the National issue on the Balkans after the First World War. Ivan Georgov was co-founder and first President of the Macedonian Scientific Institute (1925–1928), as well as co-founder and deputy Chairman of the All-Bulgarian Union “Otets Paisiy” (1927–1936). Unfortunately, the public activity of Georgov remains relatively unknown. His publications on the National Issue were scattered over the periodicals of his time.  This paper focuses on the main points of Georgov’s activity as a public persona, and on his achievements through which he became a figure recognized by society in the movement defending the Bulgarian national position in front of the foreign public view. 

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