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събота, 8 септември 2018 г.

Sotir Yanev – The lawyer in the public political labyrinths

The text analyses the political career, public activity and professional success of one of the famous Bulgarian politicians for the period from the Balkan War to 1943. Sotir Yanev was born in the village of Stob in the Rila Mountain, graduated from secondary school in Kyustendil Pedagogical School, and then graduated "in law" in Switzerland and Sofia State Higher School. He also specialised in state and criminal sciences in Germany. 

The article discusses his political convictions, which initially sympathise with the Socialist Party (broad socialists), and towards the end of his career he was orientated towards pro- government and pro-German positions. Sotir Yanev was a deputy in two Bulgarian Parliaments. In addition, he was a public figure, an excellent speaker, a popular attorney. He is the author of many books and articles on public, political and philosophical topics. 

He participated as a lawyer in the famous case against the leadership of the Bulgarian Communist Party in July 1942, during which the poet Nikola Vaptsarov was shot. In this case S. Yanev was a defender of another accused – Mladen Isaev – and managed to achieve an acquittal. In April 1943 the lawyer Sotir Yanev, who at that time was a member of Parliament, was assassinated by revolutionary groups from the military wing of the Communist Party.  

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