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сряда, 22 февруари 2023 г.

Family ties of Goce Delčev in Plovdiv



Bistra Rindova 

The city of Plovdiv is connected to Goce Delčev’s family through one of his first cousins Kostadin Ivanov Nurdžiev from the village of Morarci, in the Kukuš area, nephew of his mother Sultana Janeva Nurdžieva- Delčeva, as well as through his alleged female cousins from the town of Kukuš – Sofija Ajandeleva, Velika Sandakčieva, Ruša Bolpačova, Marija Bojadžieva and Katerina Šekerdžieva.

The author suggests that they could be the daughters of Goce Delčev’s uncle, the brother of his father Nikola Delčev. They emigrated in the span between 1910 and 1924 to Bulgaria and notably to Plovdiv. 

All of them, together with their families, accepted the exile in order to preserve their Bulgarian ancestral roots and their Bulgarian self-consciousness. 

Keywords: Goce Delčev, Plovdiv, family ties, Kukuš, Janka Kanevčeva, Nurdžievi, Morarci, Macedonia, family roots

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