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събота, 8 септември 2018 г.

General Aleksandar Protogerov Between Two Missed Celebrations

General Major Alexander Protogerov (Ohrid, 28 February 1868 – Sofia, 8 July 1928) is a memorable name in Bulgarian military history and the history of the Macedonian- Adrianople liberation struggle. He appeared on the stage of history in the Serbian-Bulgarian War of 1885. 

For over four decades, practically his entire conscious life, he served Bulgaria and the Bulgarian national cause. In the wake and in the course of the national union of 1912-1918, he was among the most influential personalities in Bulgarian history, and he continued his activity in the ranks of the Internal Macedonian revolutionary Organization (IMRO) and afterwards. 

The article presents his military and revolutionary bibliography in brief and analyzes the reasons why the Bulgarian historical science did not manage to celebrate accordingly the 150th anniversary of his birth and the 90th anniversary of his death. The author appeals for the organization of a scientific conference dedicated to the personality and activity of General Alexander Protogerov, which will draw attention to the fate of military activists of the Macedonian-Adrianople revolutionary movement. . 

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