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вторник, 14 февруари 2023 г.

The teacher Gotse Delchev

Apart from the history of the Bulgarian national liberation struggles in Macedonia and the Adrianople region, Gotse Delchev deservedly remains in the history of Bulgarian education, enlightenment and spirituality. 

From the time he graduated from the military school until his transition into illegality, the only legal activity that Gotse Delchev performed was teaching. Therefore, we can rightfully place him in the ranks of prominent Bulgarian revivalists, in the ranks of people’s awakeners, in the ranks of Bulgarian teachers – revolutionaries alongside Botev, Levski, Rakovski and Dame Gruev. 

Keywords: Gotse Delchev, Bulgarian Exarchate, exarchate schools, Bulgarian teacher, Shtip grade school, Bansko grade school.

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