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сряда, 22 август 2018 г.

Prof. Nikola Stoyanov – the Financial Expert of Bulgaria

A Bulgarian from the town of Doyran and President of the Macedonian Scientific Institute in the period 1938-1945, Prof. Nikola Stoyanov remains in history as one of the most significant financial specialists of the Bulgarian state in the years between the two World Wars. 

In the course of nearly 20 years, from 1919 until 1939, with a short break from May 1934 to April 1935, he held the key office of Head of the State Debt Directorate. As such, he was a major figure in the negotiations led by the Bulgarian state, first regarding a delay and decrease of the reparations, and later in the contraction of the two foreign loans under the patronage of the League of Nations, in 1926 for the settlement of refuges in Bulgaria, and in 1928 for the stabilization of the state finances and the bank system.

 In the years during and after the World Economic Crisis, N. Stoyanov periodically negotiated agreements with the Committees of the Bulgarian Securities Holders for the decrease of Bulgaria’s payment of the external debt. With his entire professional and public career, N. Stoyanov skillfully and dedicatedly defended the interests of Bulgaria and the Bulgarian people. 

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